Greenway World & Fair Trade

Fair trade has become so much more than a commerce model; it's now a social movement in its own right, as a growing number of people choose products characterized by a commitment to improve the conditions for vulnerable producers around the world.

Greenway World is proud to be part of this movement. Incorporating the principles of fair trade into the very core of our operations from day one, which is our only way of doing business. At the outset, we wanted to do right by the artisans. That has always been our main goal. As we formed a company in 2016 around this mission, we soon saw that many of our guiding principles aligned perfectly with those of the fair trade movement.


In simple terms, it's the belief that everyone should be fairly compensated for the work they do.

The fair trade movement has 10 guiding principles...

  • PRINCIPLE 1: Create opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers.
  • PRINCIPLE 2: Be transparent and accountable.
  • PRINCIPLE 3: Conduct fair trade practices.
  • PRINCIPLE 4: Pay a fair price.
  • PRINCIPLE 5: Guard against child labor and forced labor.
  • PRINCIPLE 6: Promote gender equality and non discrimination.
  • PRINCIPLE 7: Ensure good working conditions.
  • PRINCIPLE 8: Provide capacity building.
  • PRINCIPLE 9: Promote fair trade.
  • PRINCIPLE 10: Respect for the environment.

Check out Fair Trade Federation for more information

Greenway World & Green America

Green America harnesses economic power—the strength of consumers, investors, businesses, and the marketplace—to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society. The vision for Green America is to work for a world where all people have enough, where all communities are healthy and safe, and where the bounty of the Earth is preserved for all the generations to come.

Greenway World is proud to be a part of this organization. Incorporating the principles of Green America into the very core of our business vision from day one, which is our way of honoring these principles. Our definition of GREEN includes everything that is eco-friendly and promotes strong human society values. That has always been our mantra and it aligns perfectly with those of the Green America movement.

What Makes Green America Unique?

  • We focus on economic strategies—economic action to solve social and environmental problems.

  • We mobilize people in their economic roles—as consumers, investors, workers, business leaders.

  • We empower people to take personal and collective action

  • We work on issues of social justice and environmental responsibility. We see these issues as completely linked in the quest for a sustainable world. It’s what we mean when we say “Green.”

  • We work to stop abusive practices and to create healthy, just, and sustainable practices.

Our democratically-constituted board are elected by our members from our consumer, business, and staff stakeholders. Green America operates as a collaborative and participatory workplace, where staff members reach consensus through democratic decision-making processes on key strategic issues for the organization.

Green America Strategies

  • Empowering individuals to make purchasing and investing choices that promote social justice and environmental sustainability;

  • Demanding an end to corporate irresponsibility through collective economic action;

  • Promoting green and fair trade business principles while building the market for businesses adhering to these principles;

  • Building sustainable communities in the US and abroad.

Check out Green America for more information